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Yatir - About Us

The Yatir region in Israel is known as a place where wine production is abundant. Many visitors are touring around the vineyards. During the early days, planting and farming different kinds of grapes is the only livelihood of many farmers in the Yatir region. The Oliveira family was known as the owner of one of the finest vineyards best for winemaking. They established their own winery in the Yatir region and across Israel. Their wines were later exported in some countries like Rome and the USA where a franchise of Yatir Boutique Winery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was established.

The Oliveira family started their vineyard from a dream. They were dreaming of planting a vineyard that will bloom in their village in the Yatir region. Later on, they sought the help of several agronomists to guide them through the process. After so many discussions and analysis, they determined that the land was suitable for planting grape trees. The region was also great for some hiking and picnics being planted and surrounded by a horde of trees, such as oaks, pistachios, olive trees and more. All these surrounded the Oliveira’s vineyards where the Yatir Winery started.

Yatir is an exclusive winery founded in 1993, owned by the Oliveira family who recognized the extraordinary potential of their region. In recent years, the winery produced more than 100,000 bottles per year. In additional, Yatir wines, have been awarded several times with high ratings and reviews, as well as exceptional recognition, certifications and medals among Israel’s top wines by local as well as international wine critics.

We invite every local and visitor of Wisconsin to take a look at our Yatir Boutique Winery located in Milwaukee. We are pleased to welcome you with a taste of our proudly made wine from the Yatir region in Israel. Thank you for reading our story!