We are proud to say that all of our customers are satisfied and always come back to our Yatir Winery here in Milwaukee. We also want to share with you the feedback they left for us. Please take time to read the entries on this page to know how great our services and our wines are.

Awesome, Beautiful and Wonderful! That’s how we saw Yatir Winery. Our visit to the Yatir Winery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was all in all an amazing experience. Awesome staff, Beautiful Winery and Wonderful Wines. Eitan, the son of the owner is the most welcoming of hosts and certainly, know how to make delicious wines. This may be because they have their own vineyard in Israel. The winery is a beautiful building that has beautiful wine barrel with a modern patio, perfect for sipping wine while looking at the surroundings.

The wines are delicious and carefully crafted. For every palate, there are different types of wine. It is obvious that they know how to satisfy every palate. We are so impressed with Yatir Winery that we have already booked to hold a private event there. Yatir Winery is a must-see winery in Milwaukee.

We’ve ordered several batches of wine with Yatir Winery, and they’ve all come out very well. You can’t beat the quality of their wine for the price, and they are excellent. We’ve even started to buy some for gifts to our friends and colleagues.

I chose Yatir Winery as a venue for my bachelorette party and we’ve had a wonderful party experience! Such a fun and relaxing place. The staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and also a lot of fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better wine party.

It was my first time at Yatir Winery for me and my friends. Also, our first time to taste wine from Israel, we don’t need to go far to experience the taste of Israel’s wine, it’s all in here in Milwaukee. It was a great time and the staff serves well.