Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

A garage door can give you trouble for different reasons. Since garage doors can get wear and tear over time due to continuous use. As the garage door gets older it can start to malfunction, the motor can be burnt, the tracks may become bent, rollers may running dry, the moving hardware may creating loud sounds, and broken garage door springs. If your garage door won’t close properly, you will need to consult a professional and certified garage door technician to fix or replace the garage door. However, there are some common garage door problems that can solve on your own.

The most common complaint is that your garage door will simply not open or close at all. In case, you push the button of the remote but your garage door is not responding to open or close the garage door, then there are few important things to be checked:

  • Make sure that the batteries of remote have enough power
  • Make sure that the motor of opener is still plugged into the outlet
  • Check the fuse box to make sure that the breaker and fuse has not been tripped
  • Make sure that the antenna is pointed to the right direction
  • Test the performance of wall-mounted switch to make sure that it will open or close the garage door, it is does then you need to reprogram the opener or replace the remote control

Another common problem is that the garage door does not close all the way as it should. The obvious cause behind it is that the garage door is not able to move freely on the tracks. You should inspect the tracks to find out the obstructions and dented areas. If you found them, fix the problems using a rubber mallet. Raise and lower the garage door by hand to test the alignment. If you can raise or lower it manually without facing any hurdle then the issue lies with the close limit switch. Keep in mind that if the close limit switch is:

  • Too close to the garage door opener then the garage door will close but the motor will not stop working
  • Too far from the opener then the garage door will not close properly

It is always suggested that hire a professional garage door expert to deal with the configuration of the switches and any other electrical issue. Garage door sensors can also cause the garage door not to close correctly. Automatic garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that are placed at the bottom of the garage door to prevent the garage door from closing on people, cars, or anything else. The sensor senses if something is on the path of closing the garage door and triggers the garage door to stop and reverses. So, if your garage door starts to go down and then goes back upon touching the floor, you need to make sure that there is no obstruction that is blocking the path of sensors.