Yatir Boutique Winery

Yatir Boutique Winery – A Place Where the Grapes Grow and the Sun Shines

Searching for a boutique winery? In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can find a winery that is perfect for every palate. Yes, our wine came from the holy land – Israel.

Where in Wisconsin can you find an International winery? Right here in the heart of Milwaukee of course. Yatir Winery is owned by Israeli Sommelier, Eitan Oliveira, who comes from the Oliveira family who owns a large vineyard in Israel. Yatir is a region in Israel where the Oliveira family created a perimeter for winemakers to plant different kinds of grapes. Coming from the land of Israel where the best grapes are found for the crafting of delicious wine, and exported right at the Yatir Boutique Winery in Milwaukee which is highly acclaimed. Yatir Boutique Winery has a modern glass garage door, thanks to A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, our winery now is unique and eye-catching for every passerby in the area. It’s a must-see for every local and international wine lover visiting Wisconsin.

As we all know, there are a number of successful boutique wineries around the country of Israel, among them is the Yatir Boutique Winery which has a fascinating tale to tell. After planting the first acres with different kinds of grapes in 1993, a few years later, the owner set up a winery in Israel and produced thousands of wine bottles. Within a year, the crop grown was soon producing 40,000 bottles each year. Because of the contagious passion in the wine industry, they decided to bring that passion to the heart of Wisconsin.

Yatir Winery carries all of their wines from Israel such as Kishor White, Savant Viognier, Kishor Red and Savant Red and many more. Just come and visit us for you to personally know what we have.

As always with winemakers, wine importers and wine lovers alike, when you have a meeting, wine is the first thing you must have and of course a little something to eat, too. While you’re in Yatir, we suggest starting right off with our Unoaked Chardonnay, which perhaps you have never tried before. Unoaked Chardonnay is refreshing, crisp and fruity, with a pale yellow, almost greenish color. We can say that all of our customers have always enjoyed all the wines we import from Israel so you don’t need to hunt to find new and delicious wines because Yatir has its own boutique winery in Israel, so, great wines are always available at the Yatir Winery in Milwaukee.

The most important aspect of Israeli culture is having wine on their tables. Classic wines, such as Merlot and Yarden is part of an extensive selection at Yatir winery’s intimate, relaxed and elegant wine bar.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us, it’s time to pop open that cork, and celebrate what Yatir Boutique Winery Milwaukee has to offer in a bottle of classic wine.

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